Christian Arts Camp 2015. Day 1


Christian Arts Camp 2015 is officially underway! Take a look at some highlights from Monday morning!


What Did We Do Today? A Word from Some of Our Teachers …

{Sculpture} We got our fingers sticky and were up to our elbows in paper mache. We were busy as beavers making turtles!

{Drawing} We used lines and shapes to draw doodles and create textures. We started a faces/vases optical illusion project.

{Choir} We talked about good vocal posture and breathing. We also started working on one of our songs for the closing program.

{Rhythm + Movement} We watched some Stomp video clips and made up our own body percussion sequence.

{Painting} We took a look at a primary color palette and explored color mixing, while creating our own pointillism trees.

{Pre-K/Kinder} We tried our hand at drawing, following step-by-step directions to draw squirrels and trees. We created tissue paper suncatcher trees using a glue and tissue paper on wax paper method.


For more photos and updates, click here!

In case you missed it! Here’s the link to Monday’s take-home note.

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Christian Arts Camp 2015. Day 1

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