Christian Arts Camp 2015. Day 3


Check out what we learned on Wednesday at Christian Arts Camp!


What Did We Do Today? A Word from Some of Our Teachers …

{Dance} We reviewed our lyrical dance that we learned yesterday and began working on a new hip-hop dance that we will finish tomorrow.

{Fiber Arts} We began this week learning about three basic methods of creating fabric from fibers: weaving, knitting/crocheting and felting. We made banners using burlap for the base and each student created their own design using felt, ribbons, pipe cleaners, pompoms, cording, beads and bells.  We also looked at how to pull some of the burlap fibers from the sides to create visual interest just by using blank space.

{Hand Chimes} We have been working on ringing techniques and practicing our songs for the closing program!

{Pre-K/Kinder} We used mixed media to create decorative sticks and used finger paint and painter’s tape to create cross art.


For more photos and updates, click here!

In case you missed it! Here’s the link to Wednesday’s take-home note.

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Christian Arts Camp 2015. Day 3

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