Listen! God Is Calling! Exploring Our Vocations

Loving Legacy

Greetings, and welcome to the first Mt. Olive Family Ministry blog!

We’re here as a faith family to support one another in every facet of life, and especially in that all-important, exciting, daunting, exhausting, and fantastically rewarding task of parenting…of raising our children up in the Lord. It’s never been easy, and it’s certainly not getting any easier! But we’re all in this together, and this will be a place where we can share encouragement and joys for the process!

As parents, we wear many different hats, and if we started to list them all, it would probably wear us out! But here’s some inspiration for your day: each of those roles – mom/dad, son/daughter, friend, sister/brother, church member, teacher (we’re teaching them something!), etc., is a calling from God! He created these roles for us, and He has a purpose for us to fulfill in them.

That’s our emphasis in children’s ministry this school year…to help each of our children understand that God has called them to serve Him in various capacities. On Kick-Off Sunday a few weeks ago, Pastor Federwitz talked to them about that, and introduced them to the big word, “vocation.”

They learned about his calling (vocation) among the Komba people of Ghana, West Africa, and their calling right here in Rockford, IL! In connection with that we’re working on memorizing Matthew 28: 19,20 – the Great Commission that Jesus gave His disciples – and the hymn, “Listen, God is Calling.” Later on this fall we’ll be sharing that in the worship services.

We’re really excited about assisting you as you teach this concept to your children! Each of the children coming to Sunday School will receive his own “passport” (complete with his own picture!) to use as he “travels” around the world. If your child has been in Sunday School, he brought home a Mission Friends packet for Mexico. (If he didn’t receive one yet, or it was misplaced, help yourself to another from the outside the children’s ministry office.) It contains various activities for your family to do to learn about the culture. Try one or more out and have your child either bring the finished product, or a note from you saying he participated, and we’ll put a stamp in his passport for that country! Each month we’ll send home a packet for another country.

As you work through the activities, take time with your family to pray for the people there who don’t yet know Jesus, and for the missionaries who are helping them to do that. You might also want to encourage your child to write a note (or color a picture) for one or more of the missionaries from the country. It doesn’t have to be complicated…just a note saying that your family is praying for them, or maybe telling a little about themselves. They can put the letter in the “Missionary Mailbox” found on the lower level next to the giant map. We’ll make sure they get to the destination!

Fasten your seat belts – this will be the ride of a lifetime!

~ Jeannie Newton

September Missionaries (to Mexico):

  • Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Schlund and Charlotte (Rev. Schlund is originally from Janesville, WI!)
  • Rev. and Mrs. Daniel Conrad
  • Mr. Tyler McMiller (Mr. McMiller is originally from Waukesha, WI!)

Calendar Items:

  • October 4 – New Mission Friends packet
  • October 25 – Children’s Christmas practice begins (2-4 p.m.)
Listen! God Is Calling! Exploring Our Vocations

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