Balanced Well-being

Loving Legacy

The Scripture reading for the first Sunday after Christmas included this verse from Luke 2: 52: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (NIV). As always, Jesus gives us the perfect example – even in the way He grew up as a boy. Jesus lived a life in perfect balance. He grew in wisdom (intellectual), stature (physical), in favor with God (spiritual), and favor with men (social). They are like the four wheels of a car. If one of the wheels is out of balance, so is the whole car. It’s the same with people.

It may be complicated to live a life in balance today. With media at our fingertips, we can be pulled in directions that lead us to be out of balance in our lives. The wellness wheel image helps to put it in perspective. All the spokes of the wheel depend on being wrapped in spiritual well-being. Our church’s emphasis this year on applying the wellness wheel to our lives will begin by addressing our new life in Christ as baptized members of His family, and our spiritual well-being that impacts every other aspect of life. Begin by making a commitment to worship together as a family each week with your faith family at Mt. Olive. Allow God to bless each member of your family as we come together each weekend and praise our God Who calls us to do just that.


Does God need our praise? Hardly. But, as He always does what’s best for His children, He commands us to come together as a faith family (“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” Exodus 20: 8, NIV), knowing that as we do, we are beginning the first steps toward a healthy and balanced life.

Balanced Well-being

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