Table Talk: February 29 Edition


Good morning! I am wondering, should we pray for people who have died? Thank you. – Gabi B. 

Hi, Gabi!

It’s an interesting question!  Let’s think it through.

When a person dies, they either go to heaven (if they had faith in Jesus as their Savior) or to hell (if they didn’t have a relationship with Jesus).

If the person goes to heaven, there’s no need to pray for them because they have the very best, they are there with the Lord.  Their joy is immense.  It is complete. It is full. It can’t get any better than that.

If the person goes to hell they’re in the worst possible place, far from God. They need help.  But no help can be given. For once in hell, there is no escape.

That’s why we’re moved to pray (and act) for people who are living that they be brought to faith, or if they already have faith that they not fall away from the faith. Now, while people are still living, is the time to be praying for them and caring for them.

Thank you for asking!

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Table Talk: February 29 Edition

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