Christian Arts Camp. Day 2


Tuesday happenings at Christian Arts Camp!


What Did We Do Today? A Word from Some of Our Teachers …

{Nature Arts} We made high contrast prints using leaves, gelatin and ink.

{Fiber Arts} We learned about natural dyes and used our own dye to color lengths of white yarn, which will be used in a project later this week!

{Drawing} We begin each class with an exercise to get our creativity flowing and today it helped us to focus on details in a new way (we put paper plates on our head to draw on!). Students also tried their hand at contour line drawing.

{Pre-K/Kinder} We created cityscapes using paper shapes, had fun “ice skating” with wax paper and made abstract line art.


For more photos and updates, click here!

In case you missed it! Here’s the link to Tuesday’s take-home note.

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Christian Arts Camp. Day 2

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