Christian Arts Camp. Day 3

CAC2016Logo3-29-16Take a look at what we did Wednesday at Christian Arts Camp!


What Did We Do Today? A Word from Some of Our Teachers …

{Drama} Now that we’ve learned a few acting exercises and read through the scripts, we found out our roles today and began practicing for our performance during Friday’s closing program!

{Choir} We’ve learned some fun ways to warm up our voices, are practicing our song for the closing program and are playing a singing game!

{Dance} After learning a few basic steps, we’re close to knowing all of the choreography for our dance at the closing program! Through short videos, we’ve also been able to see how the artists at Angel Feet Ministries use dance to share Jesus’ love with others.

{Pre-K/Kinder} We created water color resist paintings and landscape drawings with a mirror image reflection! We’ve also been having fun learning our dance for Friday’s program.


For more photos and updates, click here!

In case you missed it! Here’s the link to Wednesday’s take-home note.

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Christian Arts Camp. Day 3

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