Christian Arts Camp. Day 4


Here’s what we did Thursday at Christian Arts Camp!

Don’t forget – the closing program begins at 11:45 a.m. tomorrow (June 17)!


{Rhythm & Movement} We’ve been working on a variety of core themes such as tempos, dynamics, keeping beats, creating rhythm, and more. Students have also learned and seen how one can practice rhythm and movement without an “instrument” by looking at examples of body percussion, street percussion, and more. All the while, we’ve been learning how rhythms fit together and how movement can be incorporated into that!

{Handchimes} We have been learning how we can use instrumental music to praise God and share his love with others. We have learned songs that can be played to during different events in people’s lives to show Gods power.

{Sculpture} In sculpture this week we’ve used various media, including plaster gauze, wire frames, thread spools, bread clay, natural clay and clothes pins, to create several pieces.

{Pre-K/Kinder} Today we tried our hand at print making, making our own designs and impressions on styrofoam and using ink rollers to transfer the image. We also used parts of egg cartons to create chimes!


For more photos and updates, click here!

In case you missed it! Here’s the link to Thursday’s take-home note.

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Christian Arts Camp. Day 4

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